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What is an Evil Twin Attack and How to Protect against it?

An Evil Twin Attack is a technique in which hackers create a fake network that works as a legitime one. It’s a technique in which hackers monitor everything you are doing online and they act in this way because they want to steal the victim’s information. Let’s understand better:


Phase 1: A coffee shop named Neon has a network SSID named “NeonShopWifi” and its password is 123456. Whenever anyone visits this coffee shop, they use this network to navigate the Internet.

Phase 2: A hacker named Paul comes to Neon coffee shop and wants to use the Internet. Paul opens his laptop and secretly gets his phone. From his phone, he sets up a wireless network using the same SSID and password as the coffee shop.

Phase 3: You as a victim enter the coffee shop and want to connect to the Internet. You open your laptop and see the network name “NeonShopWifi” twice. Confused, you connect to the network created by Paul.

Phase 4: Paul, now, can track your online activity.

Now it’s possible to understand how an Evil Twin Attack works.


Validate Network SSID Names: Check with the owner of the establishment if the network you’re trying to connect to is legitimate. Probably the owner will speak with customers if they have set up a fake one network SSID.

Don’t share personal information or shop online: If you’re connecting to public Wi-Fi, do not login to any of your personal accounts or use any site that requires you to provide sensitive information.

Connect to Wifi manually: If you enable auto-connect, your device will connect automatically to the last network you used before. Please disable auto-connect.  

Use a VPNWhenever you use public or private Wi-Fi, a VPN will protect your data while you are using the Internet. No matter whether you login using your email or any kind of account, hackers won’t be able to see what you are doing online.


Whenever you go to a public space like a cybercafe or airport, you should be careful what kind of network you are trying to connect to. Someone around you could potentially see what you are doing online.

If you want know more tips on what you may doing wrong online, see the message below: